“The fact that someone had decided that I would be safer on Mars, where you could still only SORT OF breathe the air and SORT OF not get sunburned to death, was not a sign that the war with the aliens was going fantastically well.”

 MARS EVACUEES is out in the Commonwealth with Egmont Books, March 27th 2014!



WHAT IF THE ROMAN EMPIRE NEVER FELL?Twice shortlisted for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History, the bestselling ROMANITAS trilogy continues with ROME BURNING, and concludes with SAVAGE CITY, all out now in paperback.

cover of Romanitas
Rome Burning cover
Savage City cover

I’M SOPHIA MCDOUGALL. You can call my books sci-fi, fantasy, alternate history, no-genre-in-particular, or whatever else you want. I’ve written plays and poetry, and want to write in and across as many genres as I can before I’m through.

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