You can’t cry in space. But I was giving it a good go.

After all, I’d just been THROWN OUT OF AN AIRLOCK by a horde of ALIENS and had about three  minutes left to live. So you can’t blame me for trying.

But as it turned out, that was just the start of my adventures . . .

Because very soon it became clear that if I was ever going to get back home, not only would I have to NOT DIE, but me, my friends and our floating robot goldfish would have to SAVE THE WORLD. No, scrap that. THREE WORLDS. All at the same time.

Easy, right?

Space Hostages is published in the UK by Egmont Books, and is available from July 2, 2015.


WHAT IF THE ROMAN EMPIRE NEVER FELL?Twice shortlisted for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History, the bestselling ROMANITAS trilogy continues with ROME BURNING, and concludes with SAVAGE CITY, all out now in paperback.

cover of Romanitas
Rome Burning cover
Savage City cover


I’M SOPHIA MCDOUGALL. You can call my books sci-fi, fantasy, alternate history, no-genre-in-particular, or whatever else you want. I’ve written plays and poetry, and want to write in and across as many genres as I can before I’m through.

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