Hurried post of Eastercon

So, EASTERCON. I shall be there. Along with pretty much everyone else of a speculative fictional type persuasion.  I am on two panels, one talking about genre boundaries and the crossing of them, and another about writing long series. I am trying to think of something useful to say about the latter that isn’t “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAthud *sob* where is the rum?”
The full programme is here


But I am as a tiny baby in the ways of writing incredibly long books that you can’t produce as fast as you want compared with G R R Martin!

I can’t complain about what a slog it is and how you need to have a plan and how it isn’t your fault that you had to kill all those people besides George R R Martin!

Maybe he has special rum.

All right, I’ve spent a little time running around the flat, and now I’m back. On with the post, I guess.

I am posting this now because there are apparently only hours left to book tickets and you can’t buy them on the door!   Eastercon will see the launch of the anthology Dark Currents, featuring my story Bells Ringing Under the Sea, AND the novel The Outcast and the Little One for which I supplied the cover art —  my first ever pro art gig. Fittingly, it depicts a thirteen-year-old girl fighting a giant metal snake.

See you there, I hope!

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