How the Light Gets In

I’m really excited to be part of the How the Light Gets In festival, happening alongside the Hay-on-Wye festival, in, as you might expect, Hay-on-Wye.


(I love that it’s called that. I love that song, and the consolation of that idea).

I’m on three panels, and they are:

Tuesday 5th June

2.30pm New Heroes – a reconsideration of what the hero means for us today and for the future

Wednesday 6th June

10.30am State of Innovation – the role of the state in commissioning creativity and whether it works

2.30pm Imagining the Metropolis – visions of the city

The New Heroes one doesn’t seem to show up on the page, but it is going to happen, I swear! My job will be to say, “excuse me, but what about HEROINES?” a lot. Peter Tatchell will also be there, his job will be to be A Hero.

Hope to see you there.  I want to say more about heroes and heroines, villains and villainesses, but I have recently moved house and am thus dependent on the unco-operative wifi of a library that I think might be about to close.

I’ll be back soon.

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