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London: Unreal City

  This article originally appeared inVector , the journal of the BFSA. I’ll be discussing imaginary cities with Kit Caless on Resonance FM at 3 today, so I thought I’d post it here. London is fractal. It’s dark and I’m walking a route north from Deptford that I’m sure I’ve taken before, but this time […]

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  For the last year, I’ve been working for a literary consultancy. I read unpublished novels and try to help their writers make them better. In the course of doing this I have observed certain things, and also, in my time on earth I have read and watched many things that did get published or […]

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Comment Policy

My last post has 97 comments at the time of writing. While I did think a post with the words “rape” and “James Bond”  in the title might get more attention than I’m used to, this was unprecedented. And, as I do not write and put things on the internet with the intent that nobody […]

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The Rape of James Bond

On Sexual Assault, and “Realism” in Popular Culture..   This essay discusses rape of both women and men throughout. No specific real-world cases are mentioned nor are any scenes described graphically, however as it’s about realism, it does necessarily shuttle rapidly between incidents in fairly silly texts and grim facts about the real world. Spoilers […]

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