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TROLL WOMAN — a poem

Oh, so THAT’s what having something go viral is like!  For two days I was all O____O  Thank you, everyone who responded so positively to “I hate Strong Female Characters”! I have been remarkably untroubled by trolls on this, (I wish I didn’t feel so lucky. I wish I didn’t feel my luck was certain […]

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I Hate Strong Female Characters — in the New Statesman

Here  I pour bilious hate unto the unfortunate figure of the Strong Female Character as she appears in popular fiction. From the piece I remember watching Shrek with my mother. “The Princess knew kung-fu! That was nice,” I said. And yet I had a vague sense of unease, a sense that I was saying it […]

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MONSTERS — a poem

Monsters   If you come with me now, I will show you Where the monsters are. They sleep deep in the woods And their breath, Smooth in sleep, stirs the treetops. Stay close to me. In fact, Lets hold hands. You are younger than I am And I do not wish you to be frightened. […]

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Books 1 and 2: Rituals  and Reflections   What can you say about these books? Firstly – there’s no other way to put this – they are barmy. Kaveney lays out her stall quite plainly in the pair of epigraphs that opens Rituals. From Nietzsche: “If there were gods, how could I bear not to […]

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