The Poet sends a Picture of her Nose to an older Poet of Celebrated Beauty

The Poet sends a Picture of her Nose to an older Poet of Celebrated Beauty

Dear Sir,
I am sending you this picture of my nose
In hope you’ll look at it and give me your advice,
Although I cannot claim my nose is quite original,
Some have been kind enough to find it startling.
Please bear in mind that I am still quite young
And that I hope my nose may still be growing.

The Older Poet’s Reply
Your nose is old-fashioned, self-indulgent and too long.
Although the basic bone-structure is lively,
This draws attention to the dullness of the skin.
It is too much like the noses of your parents, and
Your make-up is not well applied.
Between the bridge and tip, I must confess,
I lost all interest in your nose and had to stop.
Possibly with some work your nose might yet improve
Although I cannot hold out that much hope
Take no more pictures of your nose, is my advice,
At least not till you’ve carefully studied mine.

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    A second poet answers:

    Yeah, but how does it smell?
    And what about your toes?
    My second is quite elegant,
    Although longer than my hallux.
    It has a nail of glistening pearl
    Curving round its tip.
    With warts and corns
    And little toadstools
    In my piggies’ den,
    You’d suffer an education
    If you took an inhalation
    Of my monstrous Greek hoof,
    In your concha nasalis media.