The Enormous Mad Mars Evacuees Give-Away at WFC, The McDougall-Pleasing-Stunt Contest #3, and Other Incredible Stories.


(We have a lot to cover in this post. Before we start, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, loose-fitting clothing, and are properly hydrated).

I’m going to be at World Fantasy Con in Brighton in just a couple of weeks. I’ll be talking about Historical Fantasy on the Thursday, at 3 pm in the Oxford Suite.

I’ll also be signing copies of Solaris’ new anthology The End of the Road, in which I have another novelette, called Through Wylmere Woods. I am proud of how this story turned out: it’s a prequel to MailerDaemon (published in last year’s Magic), though you don’t have to have read that. It’s about Morgane, the woman who in MailerDaemon can see demons (and email them, with the best of intentions, to unsuspecting friends).  This story visits her as a thirteen-year-old with  lot on her plate, dealing with the demons who are everywhere, a singularly awful family and a large road protest happening near her house. I have more to say about Through Wylmere Woods but I think it had better wait for another post.

But the other news about WFC is that there will be around a-hundred-and-goddamn-fifty proofs of my new book, Mars Evacuees, just there for anyone who wants one. For free. The book doesn’t come out until April (and will, you know, have a shinier cover and properly type-set) so this is pretty cool, I think.

You cannot get to WFC, and it is not fair, you say? You feel hard-done-by and neglected? WE CAN’T HAVE THAT. There are also five copies which I will give to the top five performers of McDougall Pleasing Stunts! I will sign and even draw in your proof, if you want. Rules remains, as per the last two, as follows:

PLEASE ME AND MAKE ME WANT TO GIVE YOU A BOOK. You can please me by promoting my book in some way, you can also try to please me by telling me a joke or posting a picture of you gurning, if you’re really good at it. …

I will not be pleased by illegality or grossness, otherwise you make the rules. I will send the person who strikes me as the most delightful a unique signed, personalised book.

Other possible stunts could involve art, icon-making, stories, bringing down property prices in London , song.   You have until midnight, November 12th to enter with your Stunt. Comment here, message me, or link me to the Stunt on Twitter — just make sure I see it, you’ve got the internet, you’ll figure it out.

You might find some further inspiration as to the kind of thing that pleases me  in these posts:

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And if you don’t end up with a proof, you will still get to read snippets of Mars Evacuees over the coming months: I’ll begin posting them in December.

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