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Fantasycon 2015

I got knocked out of Nine Worlds by the cold from Hades, so I am most definitely going to Fantasycon to make up for it, and here is my schedule. Room: Suite 2 Sat 24 Oct 10.00am               Welcome to my Place: Making Your World Better Setting has a huge effect on the impact of your story, so […]

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Nine Worlds — unfortunate news.

I’m very sorry to say I’m not going to be able to make Nine Worlds after all. I was really looking forward to it all, but — I’m sick. I didn’t get better as I hoped I would; in fact I have a chest infection and it just won’t work. I apologise to anyone who […]

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SPACE HOSTAGES – video snippet 2, and Nine Worlds

Internet, I write to you most laboriously from the lobby of a hotel in Greece. This is the first holiday time I have been abroad in a decade without bringing my laptop and a novel to be finished or a heap of manuscripts to critique. Of course, to celebrate this,  I have come down with […]

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SPACE HOSTAGES — video snippet. Of Conscious Spaceships and Romance

Space Hostages has been out for a fortnight! I’ve been talking about it in various exciting places. Jim over at Middle Grade Strikes Back asked me some great questions about worldbuilding, alien (and human) genders and languages here, and I told Tales of Yesterday about creating aliens (and drew them a picture of a certain amazing technicolour […]

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SPACE HOSTAGES — the AMERICAN cover reveal.

So. Space Hostages. Pretty book. Funny, I think. Aliens. Robot goldfish. Sentient spaceships. Fruitbat people. You know, the works. Sequel to a book called Mars Evacuees. If you happen to be in the UK or any part of the Commonwealth that isn’t Canada, you can have Space Hostages as soon as next Thursday. It comes […]

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SPACE HOSTAGES — the book trailer!

Don’t you think this is pretty? I am very proud of my aliens. Alas, the trailer cannot show that the Krakkiluks are not merely ruthless and violent, they are also covered in jewels and fond of love poetry. Nor does it show you the Eemala, who are various shades of purple and red, six-limbed, and […]

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SPACE HOSTAGES –cover reveal on The Book Smugglers, and Snippet 2 here!

As promised last week, here’s the cover reveal  for Space Hostages on The Book Smugglers! It is so, so beautiful. I love Andy Potts’ work so much. Here’s another snippet to celebrate. While the Goldfish and a certain alien from Mars Evacuees are back, an important new character is The Helen of Troy, a beautiful, interstellar spaceship with […]

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SPACE HOSTAGES — coming soon!

Space Hostages is coming soon! Really soon, in fact.     Space Hostages is the sequel to Mars Evacuees. Alice, Josephine, Carl and Noel are heading back to space — far beyond Mars, to encounter creatures no one’s ever heard of before. This time it’s supposed to be a nice, exciting holiday —  a reward for their bravery […]

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The Green Party

So, since a shocked world celebrated World Book Night with the discovery the Green Party wished to create an artistic utopia by stripping creators of copyright after 14 years, we have heard various defences. 1) that just because the Green Party puts a document called “policies” on their website, on purpose, we shouldn’t assume that […]

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REVIEW Avengers: Age of Ultron

I was going to review Avengers: Age of Ultron for Front Row tonight. At the cinema, I was asked to sign an agreement to an embargo on reviews until 10pm tonight. This was the first anyone at the BBC had been told about such a thing, and it seems awfully silly to me, especially as […]

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