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SPACE HOSTAGES — coming soon!

Space Hostages is coming soon! Really soon, in fact.     Space Hostages is the sequel to Mars Evacuees. Alice, Josephine, Carl and Noel are heading back to space — far beyond Mars, to encounter creatures no one’s ever heard of before. This time it’s supposed to be a nice, exciting holiday —  a reward for their bravery […]

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MARS EVACUEES — Excerpt #2

Internet, I have many things to show you. First of all, here I am in the New Statesman on how a bookshop looks to me as a grown (female) writer vs how it looked to me as a little girl. Spoiler: it used to look like Paradise and now looks pretty depressing, but there are […]

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MARS EVACUEES Excerpt #1 — the whole first chapter!

Yikes, UK publication of Mars Evacuees  is only a month away. (March 27th).  How is that even possible?  Should you have misssed the orange glory, you can see the UK cover over on Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books. Soon I will be going to places and doing things and talking to people, and I have already written several […]

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The Next Big Thing — Mars Evacuees!

It’s been a long time! I’ve been very busy on this book here (this one. The one I’m trying to tell you about. Wait a minute, and it will become clear) And though I have some 2/3 finished blogs on my computer called cheerful things like “On Suffering” and “Rape in Genre Fiction”, I really […]

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