I can help you improve your writing and make your book the best it can be. As a successful novelist and a trained critic I can quickly identify what is holding your book back and work with you to fix it. I will tailor a mentoring package to your needs and we will discuss premise, structure, characterisation and style at a pace that suits you.

I am based in London but can work with clients anywhere in the world via Skype.


(For a book of 80,000 words)

12 hours:

* Reading the MS and returning it to you with notes – c. 6 hours.

* Writing a short initial report outlining the major issues to be addressed – c. 1 hour.

* Skype conversation – discussing the report and your reactions; exploring your intentions for the novel. c.1 hour

* Skype conversation – premise, characterisation and plot – c. 2 hours

* Skype conversation – structure, pace, ending c. 2 hours.

This is only one possible model – we can use the time however will benefit your writing most. In lieu of Skpe converstaions I can also suggest exercises, advise on rewriting specific scenes and read and comment on revised outlines before you begin redrafting. We can discuss issues by email if you prefer.


Fiction written in English only. Crime, literary, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, (and subgenres), comedy, thrillers, young adult and middle-grade.

“Is my book publishable?”

A lot of authors want to know this, and a lot of mentoring services will not give you an answer. Of course, my opinion is only that, not a guarantee, but if you ask me (and don’t unless you’re sure you want to know!) I will give it to you honestly. I believe that if you are dedicated, if you’re willing to put in what may be a lot of time, and if you read widely and enthusiastically, you can become a publishable writer. But a great many professionals go through multiple unpublished projects before the public ever hears their name. Sometimes the best advice is to focus on your skills, not on this particular book.

It may be that you have come up with a very ambitious idea that would be successful in the hands of a highly experienced writer, and you should work on becoming that writer by taking what you have learned forward into a new project, rather than toiling away at the old one until you kill your passion for it. You can always come back.


“Many, many thanks for your report! … Seriously one of the best reports I’ve had – so many useful suggestions and tips. Thanks so much for your input – well worth it!”– Sheena J.

“I really appreciated your comments- insightful, thought provoking and challenging”– Dave G.

“It has been more than useful to get an insight into your experience of my novel and thank you for your response to my questions, which yes, did make sense to me. All your feedback has been helpful and very, very appreciated. I feel really lucky that I got such a great editor to look at my work. I can’t wait to start redrafting.” – Marc T.

“Further to my email in the autumn, I just thought I’d drop you a line to say that Titan Books have bought my book; New Pompeii.” – Dan Godfrey.


Five novels published/to be published by Orion, Gollancz, Egmont, Harper Collins US and Penguin Canada

Film Critic for Radio 4 Front Row

Popular culture articles for the New Statesman

M.St in Research Methods/English Literature from Oxford University – Distinction.

BA in English from Oxford Universty – Class 1.


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